Day 4 – Final Day of World Championship Tournament

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Well the last day is here, Adult Black Belt Traditional Forms and Sparring as well as Adult Color Belt Traditional Forms, Weapons and Sparring.

Ms. Sibley (age 6) gets and autograph from Grand Master S. H. Lee

Ms. Sibley (age 6) gets and autograph from Grand Master S. H. Lee

Mr. Webb had yet another early day begining at 8:00am (CST) with 4th degree Traditional Forms and then Sparring.? While not placing in the top 3,? Mr. Webb was satisfied with his performance, and is looking forward to the upcoming competition this year.

Mr. Matthews was up next at 11:30am while not placing in forms he finished strong with a 3rd place finish in Sparring.? Next the team was spread out for the 1pm rounds with Mrs. Powell, Mrs. Adkins, Ms. Hardy competing downstairs with there perspective Black Belt divsions and Mr. Sibley was upstair in a combined Color Belt ring ages 40-49.

Mrs. Powell and Mrs. Adkins were both satisfied with there performances, each commenting that this was there first competition since each had raised there ranks and went to their new songahm forms (Mrs. Powell to 3rd degree and Mrs. Adkins to 2nd degree). Ms. Hardy took 1st in Traditional Forms and Sparring, while Mr. Sibley took a 3rd place in Weapons Mens 40-49 Color Belt Division, with his Single Ssahng Jeol Bong in an attack freestyle.

Mr. Matthews, Ms. Matthews, Mr. Sibley and Ms. Sibley each took part in the closing ceremony, ending the day with everyone departing to head back to home.

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