Atlanta Warrior Classic 2010

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Atlanta Warrior Classic 2010 CompetitorsChief Instructor, Mitchell Church, of Performance Martial Arts Academy announces that eleven of his students recently competed in the Atlanta Warrior Classic.? This is an American Taekwondo Association sanctioned event that draws martial artists from across the country.

Mr Church reports the following results:
4th and 5th Degree Black Belt Division
Mark Webb – placed 1st in Forms and Weapons; 3rd place in Sparring
2nd and 3rd Degree Black Belt Division
Jennifer Powell – placed 2nd in Forms, Weapons, and Sparring
Jennfier Hardy – placed 2nd in Weapons
Mizanni Matthews – placed 2nd in Sparring and 3rd in Weapons
Brittany Johnson – placed 1st in weapons
1st Degree Black Belt Division
Gary Matthews – placed 1st in Forms, Weapons, and Sparring
Ali Vialdores – placed 1st in Forms and Sparring
Ryan Spaulding – placed 4th in Sparring
Color Belt Division
Glenn Sibley – placed 1st in Forms, Weapons, and Sparring; 2nd in Creative Forms and 3rd in Creative Weapons
Tori Sibley – placed 1st in Weapons; and 2nd in Forms and Sparring
Hannah Hendrix – placed 3rd in Forms and Sparring
Pictured left to right:? Mark Webb, Jennifer Hardy, Mitchell Church, Tori Sibley, Ryan Spaulding, Gary Matthews, and Mizanni Matthews
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