World Championships – Day 3

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Day Three of the Songahm World Championships are the official start of the new 2010 – 2011 tournament season, for the ATA, WTTU. and STF.

Kameron Anderson, took 3rd Place in Songahm (traditional) Weapons and won 2nd place in Sparring, after a very intense and close sparring match.  Also competing was Ryan Spaulding, in his first Worlds as a Black Belt, while I was unable to watch his performances, it was reported that he did a great job and took competitor awards in Forms and Weapons for his boys age and division. Tori Sibley took 4th in Weapons after loosing a 3rd place tie breaker, and then won 3rd place in Sparring.

In the afternoon session Ms. Brittney Johnson a 2nd degree black belt, won 1st place in Sparring for the Girls 14 to 16 age division.  Mrs. Powell and Mr. Webb competed in Songahm weapons, as of this posting I am awaiting their results.

Mr Sibley in ATA new Black DobakMr. Sibley finished the afternoon, winning 1st place in Creative Forms, 2nd place in Creative Weapons, 2nd place in XMA Forms, and 1st place in XMA weapons.  Mr. Sibley competed in the ATA’s new Black Dobak (gi) for XMA and Creative competitors.

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