World Championships – Day 4

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2010 Grandmaster posing with Sibley and her TrophyDay four, Sunday, the final day of the Songahm World Championships, found Mr. Webb and Mr. Vialdores starting the morning off at 8am.  Mr. Webb, a fourth degree black belt, placed 2nd in Songahm Forms, 1st place in Songahm Weapons, and 3rd in Sparring. Mr. Vialdores, a 1st degree black belt, placed 2nd in sparring.

Next up was Mr. Sibley in the adult men’s color belt ring, Mr. Sibley placed 3rd in Songahm forms after a 5 way tie breaker, and 1st in Songahm Weapons.  In the last event of the day for our schools competitors, Mrs. Powell a 3rd degree black belt, took 3rd place in Songahm Forms.  Then after 3 hard fought sparring matches Mrs. Powell won 1st place in Sparring in her division.

The day fell to the close after that with the last of Team Performance members packing and preparing to leave, closing ceremonies brought the end to the 2010 Songahm World Championships.  But remembering that this means the new Tournament session is underway, and the excitement and new friends that we will meet along the way.


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