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Mr. Church Demonstrates a variety of Arm Bars on Mr. Smith

Mr. Church Demonstrates a variety of ArmBars on Mr. Smith

Well this past Saturday was the Leadership clinic, covering the art of “Ground Fighting”.?? Schoool Instructor, Mitchell Church (5th degree black belt), lead? all those that attended to an intense?and fun workout while learning and reviewing some great techniques?and terminology.? For example mount, guard, armbars, Kimura, triangle, escape from guard, etc. and then enjoyed pizza after class.


Ground Fighting is hand-to-hand combat which takes place while the combatants are on the ground, generally involving a degree of grappling. The term is commonly used in martial arts and combat sports to designate the set of techniques employed by a combatant that is on the ground, as opposed to techniques employed in stand-up fighting. Martial arts and combat sports (ie UFC or MMA) that emphasize ground fighting include Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Wrestling, Krav Maga, etc.

For more phots of the Ground Fighting Clinic please checkout our Photo Gallery area.

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