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TeamPerformance - left to right - Mitchell Church trainer - Glen Sibley corner man - Lee Hendrix fighterMr. Mitchell Church is a Registered Manager and Trainer (pictured above in orange shirt) with the Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission, in the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.?? With several fighters fighting independently as well as in the SFC (Southeastern Fighting Championships), his Tuesday and Thursday night MMA classes (open to adults over 18 only) has been growing at a steady rate.? “Our late night classes are for any adults whom wish to learn and training in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

Each session begins with stretching followed by a? a highly intense cardio workout.? Then we begin the art of ground and pound, and submission techniques.”? Of course not all members in the class are competitive fighters,? but there are a few whom fight for Team Performance like Lee Hendrix and Israel Mitchell.? If you are interested in the MMA classes offered at the Performance Martial Arts Academy please contact Mr. Church at (229) 242-1173.

This is a closed class, meaning all whom train or observe must obtain permission from Mr. Church.

Those wishing to fight as an Amateur, must have a complete Physical & Cardiovascular clearance by their Doctor, and fill out the appropriate paperwork from the Georgia State Athletic & Entertainment Commission.

above photo features Team Performance Members:? left to right – Mitchell Church manager/trainer – Glenn Sibley corner man – Lee Hendrix amateur fighter

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