Congratulations to all our Worlds Competitors AND WORLD CHAMPION!!!

 In School Updates

Congratulations to Mr. Webb on his new World Championship Titles!!! He took first in Traditional Weapons, Creative Forms, and Extreme Forms!!! Way to go Mr. Webb!! Mr. Webb is a 9 time World Champion now!

Also competing for World Championship:

Ms. Powell – Competed for World Champ in forms and weapons. She placed 5th in forms and 4th in weapons. Wow!! What an amazing job Ms. Powell!! Ms. Powell is already a 4 time World Champ!

Kim Howell – Competed for World Champ in weapons and combat sparring. She finished up 8th in both weapons and combat sparring. First time competitor as well!!! Great job Mrs. Howell!!!

Duane Cunningham – Competed for World Champ in forms, weapons, sparring, AND combat weapons!! His first time competing and he got to compete in FOUR events!! He finished up with 6th in forms, 5th in weapons, 7th in sparring, 7th in combat sparring as well. Great job!!

To explain a bit more about Worlds: World Championships has competitors from all over the world, not just North America. But it’s limited to the 10 best in the world in each ring, in each event. To even make the Top 10 is an honor in itself, but to place at Worlds is phenomenal. That Saturday and Sunday is the Worlds Tournament that starts a new tournament season and resets points. Make sure to congratulate each of these competitors when you see them. This is a HUGE milestone in their Tae Kwon Do life.  WAY TO GO GUYS!!!

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