ATA Holiday Classic Tournament Results

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Mr. Church Poses with Mr. Sibley after Las Vegas Tournament

5th Degree Black Belt and Chief Instructor of?Performance Martial Arts Academy, Mitchell Church?announces that Glen Sibley?recently?competed at the American Taekwondo Association’s “Holiday Classic Regional Tournament”, held at the Cashman Field Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Church reports that Sibley who is a green belt competed in a ring against competitors 3 to 4 belt ranks higher then himself.?? Mr. Sibley?won 2nd place in Songahm Weapons with his Double Ssahng Jeol Bong (nunchukas), and a 2nd place finish in Sparring.

Mr. Church adds that Sibley has a good chance of? becoming State Champion in all seven events for the 2009-2010 tournament season.

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