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Mr Smith and Mr Cox Demostrate KamasThe focus on this past Saturday’s Leadership Clinic was the Sahn Knat or Kama.? Mr. Smith went over the proper care of these ATA weapons as well as the different styles (protech, xma / tournament versions), and the in depth history of the Kama.? Traditionally a farming implements similar to a sickle used for reaping crops and also employed as a weapon.? The Sahn Knat is a formidable weapon, traditionally used in pairs, though in agricultural use it would be used one-handed, whilst the other hand grasped the stalks for cutting.? As a weapon, both the point and sharpened edge of the metal blade are called in to use, while the Sahn Knat could also be used to block, trap and disarm weapons used against the wielder.

Mrs. Adkins went over counts and variety of Strikes, as well as the form for this cycles weapon testing to be used with the kama(s).? Then Ms. Adkins a 2009 State Champion in XMA (whom used the Kama for tournaments) and Mr. Cox went over a variety of tricks and stylish moves to allow the students a variety of fun movements to develop their free-style over the coming months.

Of course a Leadership clinic would not be complete without some pad jumping! Then Finally the Pizza party to re-energize everyone that attended and work so hard during the morning.? Thank you to the instructors, the assistant instructors of the IP program and all the leadership student whom made this a successful and fun leadership clinic. Remember practice your ATA weapons daily and you will become more familiar and better with the weapon.

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