Augusta Tournament of Champions

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ATA Augusta Judges 2010Chief Instructor of Performance Martial Arts Academy, Mitchell Church, announces the recent outcome of the Augusta Tournament of Champions.  This was a regional American Taekwondo Association tournament that brought competitors from South Carolina, Alabama, Florida, as well as Georgia.  This was the last regional tournament prior to the World Championships which will be held the last week of June in Little Rock, Arkansas.  “Our Valdosta area will send about twelve students to compete at the World Championships.” reports Church.  “We are waiting to hear the final count for State Champions as well as those who have achieved the distinguished opportunity to compete in the Top Ten at the World Championships.”

The results of the Augusta tournament are:

4th and 5th Degree Black Belt Division:
Mark Webb – placed 2nd in Forms, Weapons, and Sparring

2nd and 3rd Degree Black Belt Division:
Jennifer Powell – placed 2nd in Forms, and 1st place in Weapons and Sparring
Jennifer Hardy – placed 3rd in Forms ,Weapons, and Sparring
Brittany Johnson – placed 1st in Weapons and Sparring

Color Belt Division:
Glen Sibley – placed 2nd in Forms, 1st in Weapons, and 3rd in Sparring
Tori Sibley – placed 3rd in Forms and Sparring, 2nd place in Weapons

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