Worlds – Top Ten – Day 1

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Well today began with Mid-Term testing, both Mr. Webb and Mrs. Powell did an awesome job, with strong clean forms, and excellent weapons as well as sparring.

During the break the Sibley’s and the Johnson’s took a Lunch trip to Little Rocks #1 Family Dinner the Purple Cow, for a quick lunch and Purple Cow shakes an ice cream floats.Purple Cow - Little Rock

The 2010 Songahm World Championships opens shortly afterward with thousands of competitors and fans from around he globe from the ATA, WTTU, and STF in attendance. Performance Martial Arts Academy’s Mr. Webb, Mrs. Powell, and Ms. Brittney Johnson each competed in the top ten tournament today in Songahm (traditional) Weapons.

Mr. Webb took his competitors by storm with and incredible 4th degree Jahng Bong  (bo staff) form.  With scores of 9.8, 9.8, 9.9 the other competitors were feeling the pressue, showning just why he is a previous World Champion.  Alas as the final competitor took to the floor he steped up to the plate and pressure and was issued a 9.8, 9.9, 9.9.  Mr. Webb may have took 2nd place on this day, but as Ms. Tori stated ‘You are always our World Champion.

Mrs. Powell as had a impressive display in her 3rd degree Jahng Bong form, but with several other seasoned world champions the competition was more than fierce. Mrs. Powell graciously took 4th place, and with her infinite wisdom reminded us we all have our good days and great days, and that as every student is taught to compete is to win.

Ms. Johnson had a very good Top Ten showing, and as many stated thru out the day, okay your in the Top Ten of the World for your division, even if you don’t take 1st place, whom else can say they are Top Ten in the world!

Each of these Team Performance leaders will compete again tomorrow, as well as being joined by Mr. Ali Vialdores whom will be competing in Top Ten Sparring.

Wish them luck!!!

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