Worlds – Top Ten – Day 2

 In Tournament

What and amazing day for the those in attendance today!  Top Ten tournament was simply awe inspiring with the best of the best, from around the world battling in Songahm (traditional) Forms and Sparring. Mr. Webb and Mrs. Powell both started their days of in the forms competitions, both had excellent forms and placed fifth and fourth in the world – remember that is in the world! Wow.

In Sparring Mrs. Powell, Ms. Johnson, and Mr. Vialdores each competed in there divisions Top Ten Sparring.  Mrs. Powell Made and excellent showing placing 3rd in the World for her division. While Ms. Brittney Johnson fought to the final rounds of sparring placing 2nd in the World for her respective division.  Meanwhile across the floor the quite Mr. Ali Vialdores was battling to the final round, in a awesome showing Mr. Vialdores made his School, Instructor and Family proud, winning the World Championship in Sparring for 1st degree black belts, men 30 – 39.  Mr. Vialdores was overwhemled with joy and accomplishemnt and he recieved his World Title Ribbon, and Medalion.

It was back to hotels for a quick change and then to the 2010 Opening Ceremony & Masters Ceremony held in the Verizon Arena.  What a show it was, to check out reboadcasts of the show go to

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