Black Belt Testing with Guest Dr. Levy

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2011-08-18 Black Belt Testing Dr Levy of VSU Guest JudgePictured left to right:  Deb Cox, Mark Webb, Mitchell Church (presenting Student with New BlackBelt), Dr. Louis Levy, and Jennifer Powell

Dr. Louis Levy, President of Valdosta State University, honored Performance Martial Arts by being a Guest Judge at their Black Belt Testing.  Four Junior Students testing for Black Belt demonstrated street-level self defense, traditional Taekwondo Forms, and their mastery of a variety of weapons and sparring techniques. More than 20 other Black Belts, age 10 to 70+, demonstrated their progress in the incremental steps toward their next belt rank, which is accomplished over several years of training.

Dr. Levy praised the students and Taekwondo school for their perseverance and discipline, attention to detail and hard work toward accomplishing a goal after years of training. He also noted that the same skills exhibited in the school will also ensure their success in elementary through high school, through their university careers and beyond, to what he was sure would be noteworthy careers.

Mr. Mitchell Church, owner and Chief Instructor of Performance Martial Arts, thanked Dr. Levy for his willingness to host Mr. Church’s first Multi-State Taekwondo Tournament in the VSU PE facility, January 14, 2012.

Dr. Levy stayed after testing to talk with individual students about his hometown of New Orleans, self defense, personal events and comical situations where martial arts training would have been useful. Students and staff thanked Dr. Levy for being a Guest Judge and invited him back to take classes.

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